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January 18, 2009

Every Breath You Take Chords- Sting

Ab Fm Db Eb Ab

Ab Fm
ev- ry breath you take ev- ry move you make ev- ry bond you
Db Ebsus4 Fm
break ev- ry step you take i'll be watching you
Eb7sus4 Ab Fm
ev- ry single day ev- ry word you say ev- ry game you play
Db Eb Eb7sus4
evry night you stay ill be watching you
Ab Db Bbm7 Ab
oh, cant you see you belong to me
Bb7 Eb
how my poor heart aches with ev- ry step you take
Eb7sus4 Ab Fm Db
every move you make every vow you break evry smile you fake
Eb Eb7sus4 Fm
every claim you stake ill be watching you
E F#
since you been gone ill been left with out a trace i dream at night
i can only see your face i look around but its you i cant replace
F# E Ab
i feel so cold and i long for your em-bracei keep crying baby baby please
Fm Db Eb Fm Ab

Ab Db Bb7SUS4 Ab Bb7
oh cant you see you belong to me how my poor heart aches with evry step
you take
Fm Db Eb Ebsus4 Fm
evry move you make evry step you take ill be watching you

just repeat Fm Ebsus4 and Ab to fade evry now and then "ill be watching

if you have any questions just email me on

this is genuine like i said its from the music book i got
called the very best of sting and the police.

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