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October 5, 2010

Jhootha Hi Sahi – Music Review

Everything fits perfectly into Call me dil including Rashid Ali’s voice! The track builds up beautifully and Rahman keeps it simple and sweet. Karthik’s singing and the vocal harmonies work nicely for Hello Hello.The song is a monolith; effective in whole, true for most of the songs in this album. Cry Cry has been doing the rounds in promos across channels. I personally love these kind of songs (Jaane kyon, Agar main kahoon, Kabhi kabhi aditi et al)  The percussion is super effective. The guitar-sax-flute interludes are beautiful and so are the voices, especially Shreya Ghoshal. The only quibble, Rashid Ali’s sounds a bit too sophisticated for the tapori slang and the “kai ko” seems kind of awkward in his vox! Its good to hear Sonu Nigam singing again for Rahman; however Do Nishaniyan is certainly not among the best from this duo. Maiyya Yashoda is very catchy. The track has the perfect folksy pace/rhythm going and the harmonium and flute bits work very well. The singing is brilliant, Javed Ali and Chinmayee faring wonderfully and reascertaining themselves as singers to look out for. Shreya’s Pam Pa Ra works in parts. There are some catchy elements in the arrangement including the Sax, and percussion in some areas. I’ve been waiting is soulful; kudos to the beautiful orchestration. Vijay Yesudas does extremely and surprisingly well delivering the song.
Simplicity and subtlety win you over all through this refreshing album from A R Rahman, arguably his best in 2010 going by the sheer number of songs.
Music Rating: 9/10
Recommended Tracks: Well the only one that I found falling short is Do Nishaniyan.:) 
Source: Music Aloud

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