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January 18, 2009

You are Beautiful Chords- James Blunt

(C) (G) (Am) (F) (X2)

(C)My life is (G)brilliant (Am)(F)(F)(F)
(C)My life is brilliant
(G)My love is pure
(Am)I saw an angel
(F)Of that I'm sure
She (C)smiled at me on the subway
She was (G)with another man
But (Am)I won't lose no sleep on that
'Cos (F)I've got a plan

(C) (G) (Am) (F)

Yes, she (C)caught my eye
As we (G)walked on by
She could (Am)see from my face that I was
(G)Fucking high
And (C)I don't think that
I'll (G)see her again
But (Am)we shared a moment that will
(F)last to the end

(F)You're beauti(G)ful
(C)You're beautiful
(F)You're beauti(G)ful, it's (C)true
I (F)saw your (G)face
In a (C)crowded (G)place (Am)
And I (F)don't know (G)what to (Am)do
'Cos I'll (F)never (G)be with (C)you

(F)La-la-(Am)la-la (F)La-la-(Am)la-la (F)La-la-(Am)la-la (D)Laa

(F)You're beauti(G)ful
(C)You're beautiful
(F)You're beauti(G)ful, it's (C)true
There (F)must be an (G)angel
With a (C)smile on her (G)face (Am)
When she (F)thought up that I should
(G)be with you (C)(G)(Am)
But it's (F)time to (G)face the (Am)truth
I will (F)never (G)be with (C)you




D|-2---------2--------------------2-3- --|



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