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Bhalobashi Tai Bhalobeshe Jai- Palbasha

Song: Bhalobashi Tai Bhalobeshe Jai
Singer: Palbasha Siddique
Music: Studio58
Telefilm: Bhalobashi Tai Bhalobeshe Jai
Language: Bangla
Country: Bangladesh


(D)Valobashar (A)Akash
(Bm)Ekhane (G)Oshim Nil
(D)Dana Mele (A)Urey Jai
(Bm)Shopner Gang(G)chil

(D)Snigdho (A)Shokal
(Bm)Tar (G)Ptothikkhai
(D)Klanto (A)Dupur
Thomke (Bm)Daray...(G)

(D)Ei Digon(A)to
(Bm)Chokher (G)Simanay
(D)Keu Ke (A)Dakhe
Nesh(Bm)chup Govir (G)Maya
(D)Lalche (A)Shondhar
Shei (Bm)Mayabi Sukh...(G)

(D)Ai Junosna (A)Raate
(Bm)Haat Rekhe (G)Haate
(D)Hete (A)Chola Bohu(Bm)dur...(G)

(D)Ei Digon(A)to
(Bm)Chokher (G)Simanay
(D)Keu Ke (A)Dakhe
Nesh(Bm)chup Govir (G)Maya 
(D)Ei Digon(A)to
(Bm)Chokher (G)Simanay
(D)Keu Ke (A)Dakhe
Nesh(Bm)chup Govir (G)Maya

(D)Ami (A)Duhat
(Bm)Bhore (G)Mayabi
(D)Ojosro (A)Valobashay..(Bm)..(G)
(D)Suniye (A)Aj
(Bm)Bolche (D)Tomake
(D)Valobashi (A)Tai
Valo(Bm)beshe (G)Jai

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