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I Want To Break Free Chords- Queen

I want to break [C]free, I want to break [C]free,
I want to break [C]free from your lies,
you're so self satis[C]fied,
I don't [F]need you. I've got to break [C]free.
God [G]knows, God [F]knows I [G]want to break [C]free.

I've fallen in [C]love,
I've fallen in [C]love for the first time,
and [C]this time I know it's for [F]real,
I've fallen in [C]love, yeah.
God [G]knows, [F]God knows I've [G]fallen in [C]love.

It's [G]strange but it's [F]true,
[G]I can't get over the way you [F]love me like you do,
but I [Am]have to be sure, when I [D]walk out that door.
[F]Oh, how I [G]want to be [Am]free, [G]baby,
[F]oh how I [G]want to be [Am]free,
[F]oh, how I [G]want to break [C]free.

But life still goes [C]on,
I can't get used to, [C]living without, living without, living without you
by my [F]side, I don't want to live a[C]lone, hey.
God [G]knows, [F]got to [G]make it on [C]my own.
So baby can't you [G]see, [F]I've [G]got to break [C]free.

[F]I've [G]got to break [C]free, I want to break [C]free
I want, I want, I want, I want to break [C]free

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