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January 27, 2009

Tomay Dilam Chords- Mohiner Ghoraguli

Song: Tomay Dilam
Band: Mohiner Ghoraguli
Language: Bangla
Country: India

(Am)Shohorer ushnotomo dine
Pitchgola (G)roddure
Brishtir (F)biswas
Tomay (E)Dilam

(Am)Aar ki ba dite pari
(G)Purono michhile purono trameder (F)shari
(Am)Footpath ghensha balloon gari
(G)Shuto bandha joto laal aar shada
Orai aamar thotomoto ei (F)shohore
Tomay (Am)Dilam aaj

(C)Ki achhe aar
(Am)Gobhir raater neon aaloy
(G)Alokito joto restaurant
Aar (F)shob theke uchhu flat baritar
Shob theke (E)uchhu chhad
Tomay (Am)Dilam aaj

(C)Parbona dite
(Am)Ghashful aar dhaner gondho
(G)Snigdho ja kichhe duhaat bhore
Aaj (F)fushsush khonje pora dieseler
Ajonmo (E)ashwash
Tomay (Am)Dilam aaj

(G)Shohorer kobitar (F)chhobi
Shobi Tomay (E)Dilam aaj
Tomay (Am)Dilam aaj
Tomay (Am)Dilam
Tomay (Dm)Dilam
Tomay (Am)Dilam

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