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Maa Chords- Taare Zameen Par

(C)Main kabhi (F)batlata (C)nahin
(G)par andhere se
(F)dartaa hoon main (C)maa
(C)yu to main (F)dikhlata (C)nahin
(G)teri parwah
(F)karta hoon main (C)maa

tujhe (F)sab hai
(G)pata hai na (C)maa
tujhe (F)sab hai
(G)pata meri (C)maa

(C)bheed mein yu na
(F)chodo mu(C)jhe
(G)ghar laut ke bhi (F)aana paaon (C)maa
(C)bhejna Itna (F)door mujhko (C)tu
(G)yaad bhi tujhko (F)aana paaoon (C)maa

kya (F)itna bu(G)ra hoon main (C)maa
Kya (F)itna bu(G)raaaa ...meri (C)maa


E --------------------------------------------------------
B -8/10-8----------------------8/10-8---------------------
G -------------5-7----5/7--5---------------5-7----5/7--5--
D ---------5h7-----7-------------------5h7-----7----------
A --------------------------------------------------------
E --------------------------------------------------------

E -------------------------------
B -------5---6--5-6-6/8-8/5--6--
G -----5---7---------------------
D -5h7---------------------------
A -------------------------------
E -------------------------------

E -----------------------8----8/10-10/12-8----5--3--0-----
B -------5---6--5-6-8/10---10-----------------5--3--1-----
G -----5---7----------------------------------5--4--0-----
D -5h7----------------------------------------7--5--2-----
A --------------------------------------------7--5--3-----
E --------------------------------------------5--3--x-----

(C)jab bhi kabhi… (E7)Papa mujhe
(Am)jo zor se… (G#)jhoola jhu(Fm)late hain (C)maa
(C)meri nazar… (E7)dhoonde tujhe
(Am)sochu yahin… (G#)tu aake (Fm)thamegi (C)maa

(C)tumse main… ye (F)kehta na(C)hi
(G)par main sehem (F)jata hoon (C)maa
(C)chehre pe… aane (F)deta na(C)hi
(G)dil hi dil mein (F)ghabrata hoon (C)maa

tujhe (F)sab hai pa(G)ta hai na (C)maa
tujhe (F)sab hai pa(G)ta ....meri (C)maa

(C)Main kabhi… bat(F)lata na(C)hin
(G)par andhere se (F)dartaa hoon main (C)maa
(C)yu to main… dikh(F)lata na(C)hin
(G)teri parwah (F)karta hoon main (C)maa

tujhe (F)sab hai pa(G)ta… hai na (C)maa
tujhe (F)sab hai pa(G)ta.. meri (C)maa

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