September 5, 2008

Everything I Do Chords- Bryan Adams

Song: Everything I Do 
Artist: Bryan Adams 
Language: English 
Country: Canada

Look into my (D)eyes, you will (A)see
(G)what you mean to (A)me
Search your (D)heart, search your (A)soul
and when you (G)find me (A)there
you'll (D)search no (A)more

Don't (Em)tell me
it's (D)not worth trying (A)for
You can't (Em)tell me
it's (D)not worth dying (A)for
You know it's (D)true, everything I (A)do
I do it (Dsus2)for you

Look into your (D)heart, you will (A)find
there's (G)nothing there to (A)hide
Take me as I (D)am, take my (A)life
I would (G)give it (A)all
I would (D)sacri(A)fice

Don't (Em)tell me
it's (D)not worth fighting (A)for
You can't (Em)tell me
theres (D)nothing in want (A)more
You know it's (D)true, everything I (A)do
I do it (Dsus2)for you

(D)There's (C)no love like (F)your love
and no (C)other could give (G)more love
There's (D)no where unless (A)you're there
all the (E)time, all the (A)way

(G) (D) (Dsus4) (D) (G) (D) (Dsus4) (D)

(D)Oh you can't (Em)tell me
it's (D)not worth trying (A)for
I can't (Em)help it
there's (A)nothing I want (A)more
(G)Yeah I would (D)fight for you, I'd (A)lie for you
walk the (G)wire for you, Yeah I'd (Gm)die for you

You know it's (D)true, everything (A)I do
oh, I (G)do it for (A)you

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